The Center for Research and Social Progress is a non-partisan and non-profit organization, which conducts research that provides the basis for thoughtful consideration to improve the role and performance of both the political and economic systems. The aim is to develop a compendium of empirical evidence that indicates a positive direction for both politics and economics.


  • Economics: Labour and Development Economics; Health Economics; Economics of Education; Applied Micro Econometrics; Policy Evaluation.
  • Political Science: Political Behavior, Political Values and Attitudes; European Union; Inequality; Mass Media; Quantitative Methodology (incl. Econometrics and Multi-level Modeling).



We would like to host 1 to 3 graduate student interns from the fields of Economics and Political Science from regional universities per year. The program is entirely funded by contributions to the Center and is designed to put graduate students on active projects. The 3-month internships offer opportunities to do real research: to  engage the challenges of research design and implementation, to participate in data collection, to use their empirical research skills, to develop academic publications, and to work with a variety of academics. This is part of our outreach profile and as an opportunity to develop the capacities of Economics and Political Science graduate students in Italy.