The Questions that Matter are dervied from the concerns of European citizens themselves. We draw on recent data collection which asks respondents to identify the most important problems in their own country as well as Europe. Below is the most recent example of data – a collection of cross-country public opinion surveys – that is conducted regularly on behalf of a number of EU Institutions since 1974.

Drawing from the Eurobarometer Number 100 (fielded in Autumn 2023 in all EU member states), more than 80% of Europeans agree that the EU should not only reduce it dependency on foreign fossil fuels but also massively invest in renewable energies as soon as possible.

QD3.9 Please tell to what extent you agree or disagree with each of the following statements: The EU should invest massively in renewable energies such as wind and solar power.


The war in Ukraine and immigration remain top issues for Europeans followed by ‘the international situation’ and the ‘rising prices/inflation/cost of living.’

QA5 What do you think are the two most important issues facing the EU at the moment?

We note that ‘the international situation’ very likely refers to the status of post-war democracy in both the EU and the world. With levels of democracy at their lowest in several generations, a majority of Europeans still see the European Union as a place of stability in a troubled world. This includes a majority of respondents in each EU member state.

NB: All data and figures come from the Eurobarometer summary page: