Center for Research and Social Progress

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Deliverables and Outreach

The Center for Research and Social Progress aims at several substantive deliverables.

Policy Evaluation: 

The primary goal of CeRSP is to produce scientific research that offers useful results for the implementation and improvement of public policies. In order to achieve this goal, CeRSP analyses the effectiveness of public policies through scientific, rigorous, and independent assessments of their short and long run impact.

Academic Publications: 

CeRSP aims to ‘engage the debate’ within the disciplines of the Social Sciences (i.e. Political Science, Economics, Sociology, and Psychology). Outputs of CeRSP will thus include academic publications in in high profile, peer-reviewed academic journals. This includes disseminating work via participation in international academic conferences. We will also offer to host works-in-progress by affiliated researchers on CeRSP’s website as “CeRSP Working Papers”. Data that is generated in the context of funded research will be used as the basis for assessing existing theories and the literature surrounding salient issues.

Public Awareness: 

CeRSP also aims to serve the needs of the community which supports it. CeRSP aims to make the output of all its funded projects available not only to other academics but also policymakers and the public. Thus, in addition to both ‘engaging the debate’ and ‘policy evaluation’, CeRSP strives to draw awareness to the independent, original, and analytical thinking necessary for tackling the challenges of a new century. The outcome of research at CeRSP hopes to be a potentially provocateur of public debate and the outputs are meant to encourage public engagement with the topics. In addition, the Center will actively advertise and promote relevant results from funded projects to policy-makers in Italy and the EU in the form of press releases and policy reports in both Italian and English-language outlets. This includes reaching out directly to members of parliament and policy makers at both local and national level.

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