Our goal is to develop the Center for Research and Social Progress into a substantial center of research capable of influencing how we see the long-term and function of the modern nation-state and the sustainable ability of the economy to serve society. We cannot solve every problem that exists, but we can be a part of that solution.

We are a non-profit research center and we operate on funded projects, consulting, and contributions. There are two ways to contribute to the activities of the Center for Research and Social Progress. Both are welcome.


This can be of any amount and will go toward the continuity of the center, expanding the center’s capacities. For example: crucial elements such as equipment, developing the website, paying our interns, updating research software/hardware, and additions to the academic library. Contributions can be one-time or fixed periodic contributions.


Each year, we would like to host 1 to 3 English/Italian speaking graduate students in either Economics or Political Science to intern on one of CeRSP’s ongoing projects. We would like to offer a stipend 2-3 months of work (1000€/month). The internships offer opportunities to do real research: to engage the challenges of research design and implementation, to participate in data collection, to use their empirical research skills, to develop academic publications, and to work with a variety of academics. This is part of our outreach profile and as an opportunity to develop the capacities of Economics and Political Science graduate students in Italy.


CeRSP is a registered non-profit research organization [Agenzia delle Entrate (Italy): Codice Fiscale: 91113010333]. The tax-exempt status of contributions depends solely on the country from which it is made.